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CZMQ comes as source code, licensed under the Mozilla Public License version 2 (MPLv2).

CZMQ on GitHub
Download newer releases (v4+).
Download older releases
You can also get bleeding edge packages (build upon commit)

  • The current stable release is v4.0.2. We recommend this release for new development, as it has a simpler and cleaner socket API.

The deprecated V2 API has been removed in this release.

  • The previous stable release was v3.0.2.

Main changes over v2.2: smart sockets (zsock), actors (zactor), gossip discovery (zgossip), regexps (xrex), and process management (in zsys).

  • The release v2.2.0 is still available as legacy.

The V2 API is still supported, and marked as "deprecated" (zauth, zbeacon, zctx, zmonitor, zmutex, zproxy, zsocket, zsockopt, and zthread).

To build on Linux

make -j 4
make check 
sudo make install && ldconfig

You will need build-essentials, libtool, autoconf, automake and uuid-dev or equivalent.

To build on Windows

To start with, you need MS Visual Studio (C/C++). The free community edition works well.

Then, install git, and make sure it works from a DevStudio command prompt:


Now let's build CZMQ from GitHub:

git clone git://
cd libzmq\builds\msvc
cd build
cd ..\..\..\..

git clone git://
cd czmq\builds\msvc
cd build
cd ..\..\..\..

If this does not work for you, please check the of your version of czmq for more details.