CZMQ - High-level C Binding for ØMQ

Ø  High-level C binding for ØMQ and all-round Slice of Heaven for C developers.
Ø  zctx module for working with ØMQ contexts.
Ø  zsocket module for working with sockets.
Ø  zsockopt module lets you set/get socket options.
Ø  zstr module lets you send/receive string messages.
Ø  zframe module lets you send/receive individual frames.
Ø  zmsg module for working with multipart messages.
Ø  zthread module lets you create threads.
Ø  zclock module for working with timers & clocks.
Ø  zloop module gives you a reactor with timer events.
Ø  zpoller module for a super-simpler poll interface.
Ø  zlist module for working with linked-lists.
Ø  zhash module for working with hash containers.
Ø  zbeacon module for local service discovery.
Ø  zauth module for security authentication.
Ø  zcert module for security certificates.
Ø  zcertstore module for certificate stores.
Ø  Supports libzmq v2.x, v3.x, and v4.x.
Ø  LGPLv3 free software with static link exception, commercial support by iMatix Corporation.

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If you're new to ØMQ, read the Guide